Empire Group Holdings

A brilliant place for you

The Empire Group began in 2010 as an independent property developer under the guidance of our former chairman and founder, Dr Kwok Ping Sheung Walter.

A legend in Hong Kong property, the visionary Dr Kwok pioneered many innovations that created genuine and lasting value.

Progress with harmony

Empire Group is building on a heritage of quality, attention to detail and customer focus.

We are committed to creating brilliant places to live, work and enjoy. In coming months we’ll be ready to share the first fruits of our early endeavours, partnerships and community building.


Empire Group Holdings Limited

Suite 906-907, 9th Floor,Great Eagle Centre
23 Harbour Road, Wanchai,Hong Kong

T  +852 2520 1003 | F  +852 2520 1293
E   info@egh.com.hk