The E in our logomark is derived from Dr Walter Kwok’s signature. The word Empire is completed by succeeding members of his family.

By joining the two components together, Empire’s logo symbolizes our commitment to bringing Dr Kwok’s vision forward into the future.


20 Sep, 2022

Wong Chuk Hang Grade-A commercial project – Officially named S22, a symbol of inheritance and success in the future

On 20/9/2022, Empire Group proudly introduced its new signature Grade-A commercial project at 22 Heung Yip Road, Wong Chuk Hang: S22. 

Empire Group Directors Lesley Kwok and Jonathan Kwok highlighted that S22 will be Empire's first stamp of approval and belief in the area's future. The project name 'S22', while certainly a simple nod to its address (Southern District, 22 Heung Yip Road), holds a deeper meaning to us at Empire: The 'S' represents our founder, Dr. Kwok Ping Sheung, who's name and memoryinstills in us a drive to Succeed, and to protect and continue his legacy as his Succession. The name and logo of S22 comprises of three tall characters, balanced and ever supporting each other, much like us three children of Dr. Kwok's: Geoffrey, Lesley and myself. We hope that S22, Empire Group's first ever office tower development, will be a strong and significant step towards our mission, signalling to all the huge development and business potential of Island South, as well as that of Empire Group and it's people. The 28-storey office tower provides a total gross floor area of 163,500 square feet, with nearly 7,000 square foot on each floor and an approximate 4.55 meter floor-to-floor ceiling height.